Heat treatment under vacuum up to 1200 °C.

The materials to be heat-treated will be heated up under vacuum in several steps to the tempering heat, depending of the material quality. The pieces will be cooled down at the end of the heat-holding cycle with nitrogen gas. Because the metal is put into the furnace when cold and taken off at the end cooled down, and the whole process runs under vacuum resp. the overpressure of nitrogen gas the materials will be tempered with a metal-clean surface.


  • Cinder-free surface after heat treatment
  • The heat treatment may be done with a higher grade of readiness and lower allowance.
  • Because of the gas cooling the remaining tensions are lower
  • The heat treatment technology is always reproducible
  • The heat treatment process can be exactly regulated



  • Hot formed tool steels (1.2343; 1.2344; 1.2367; 1.2365; QRO90; 1.2714; etc.)
  • Cold formed tool steels (1.2080; 1.2379; 1.2436; 1.2842; 1.2767;   K 340; Vanadis steels; etc.)
  • Plastic form-steel (1.2083; 1, 2312; 1.2738; etc.)
  • Corrosion resistant steels (1.4153; 1.4034; 1.4122; etc.)
  • High-speed steels
  • Applicable to every heat treating method where it is essential that the surface does not oxidate and the nitrogen gas is enough for cooling.