Stress-relieving, softening

After the hot and ductile formation as well as after casting inner stresses always remain inside the material, which aim to change the shape of the object. Thesehonlap__001 stresses increase if the cooling down is erratic. The same stresses occur at cold formation resp. in case of some heat-treating methods.


If we are machining such a piece and it undergoes further manipulation it can get out of square even without external intervention. These inner stresses can be reduced by adequate heat treatment, we call it stress-relieving heat treatment.

It is worth to perform stress reduction after every process with a greater deformation. In case of a more delicate part it has to be done even more times after processes with greater stress-changes. E.g. with the part visible on the picture.


The aim of softening is to reduce the hardness of steel thus relieving the manipulation. Softening is needed after hot forming resp. to make the structure more even in case of medium or strong alloyed steel.